Saturday, October 14, 2006

Who watches the watchers?

This isn't so much that a fox got into the farmer's henhouse, but the fox doing a hostile takeover of the henhouse. Nice way to steal 40% of your employee's tips, Steve!

The dealers over at Wynn Las Vegas who are none too happy about supervisors taking a share of their tips also are ticked that they can't count their own tip money.

At most casinos, dealers appointed by a toke committee count the tips each day. That money is reported to the payroll department, which splits the money among dealers. When Wynn started giving floor supervisors, reclassified as "team leaders," a 40 percent share of the daily tips, he removed the counting duties from dealers and gave it to casino employees who typically count the house's money. Casino security, rather than the dealers themselves, collect the tips and take them to a count room.

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Rogue Sun said...

They're setting a precedent that is likely to be picked up by other casinos. Imagine if bars started doing that.